LondonEnergy to Operate NLWA’s New 700,000 TPA Waste to Energy Plant


07 Dec 2018

North London Waste Authority will continue working with LondonEnergy Ltd towards a contract to manage the waste collected by the seven north London Boroughs and to operate the replacement Energy Recovery Facility at Edmonton EcoPark.

The new waste to energy plant is planned as part of the Authority’s North London Heat and Power Project (the Project) having been granted a Development Consent Order to construct and operate an ERF and associated developments for the effective management of waste onsite. LEL are currently contracted by NLWA to operate the existing waste to energy facility at Edmonton EcoPark and manage six of the seven reuse and recycling centres in north London.

The existing energy from waste facility is almost 50 years old and has diverted over 21 million tonnes of waste from landfill over this time. The replacement ERF is expected to come into operation in 2025, when the existing facility comes to the end of its operational life.

“Having already worked with LEL for a number of years, I am happy to announce NLWA will be continuing our relationship,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Chair of NLWA. “The members have agreed LEL brings a wealth of knowledge from their experience operating in waste management that will ensure efficiency and functionality are at the forefront of the project,” he continued.

LEL will develop plans to ensure it can operate the facility to its full potential. The replacement facility is expected to operate at almost 60% below the current environmental standards for nitrate oxide emissions, while the current facility operates at 20% below. There is also capacity to treat up to 700,000 tonnes of residual waste a year and generate 70 MW of electricity - enough to power 127,000 homes, while also supporting a local heating network.

LEL’s Managing Director, Peter Sharpe says, “This is a great opportunity to bring this fantastic project to success. We plan to work together and deliver a really efficient operation for state-of-the-art energy recovery.” The Authority have phased the construction to ensure the current waste to energy facility can continue to operate while the replacement is built.